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I was a Creative, then Creative Director, on Stella Artois globally for many years at Mother. Here’s some of that work.

(1) The last in the 'She is a Thing of Beauty' campaign. Credit to Steve & Dan and Mr. Robert Saville who ended up making it. As I'd moved country by the time it was in production.
Credit: Creative/Creative Director

(2) Christmas Carole (played by Alice Eve) came to serenade you outside your house. Using the magic of Google Streetview. It's no longer available online. But the below videos give a good taster. Awarded an FWA back in 2012. 
Credit: Creative

(3) Stella Artois Eco. Content before content was cool. This was an integrated campaign with posters, influencers, pop-up shops and an online 15-min French variety show (obviously). Featuring Florence & The Machine. All this, in 2008.
Credit: Creative

(4) Annie Leibovitz shot these iconic images of 'timeless beauty'.  They ran in premium magazines that smelt of free perfume samples.
Credit: Creative